Matrix Soundtrack

Recently I’ve been listening to the Matrix sound track and a lot of other Matrix-like music while I work on various open source projects. Searching for the Matrix music on google is pretty tricky because there is a band called Matrix which is always shown before music from the movie The Matrix, which is annoying, though if you phrase your search query as “music from the matrix movie” (without the quotes) that will usually just show music from the movie, and not the band that happens to have the same name. If you do that search the first result is the Matrix soundtrack for sale on amazon, though if you just scroll down on that page you’ll see the list of songs included in the soundtrack, which you can then search for on ThePirateBay and download with KTorrent or something so you can listen to it with waiting like 2 weeks to receive a CD. Though if you like the soundtrack you should definitely buy it to support this epic music.


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